Friday, July 27, 2007


Well last night it rained for the first time. We were camped out on an elementary school field- we could go inside to use the bathrooms, wash up, and catch the weather. A few of us found our way into one classroom- a 2nd grade room, that had AIR CONDITIONING and about 9 ceiling fans. It was heaven on earth. I didn't get wet, and I slept better than I can explain.
Got out this morning about 6:30 and rode with my friends, John (Wallybrau), Rob (don't know his sn) and Brad (DecafBeanBoy) and Rick (Beertruck). For some reason, we were all feeling peppy. Kind of got into a good paceline, maintaining upwards of 19-20 into the wind. God I love pacelines when we're going into the wind!
After a breakfast burrito stop, we slowed down a little. That is until we found Patty (Sunshine). We harassed her by speeding past her and making her sprint to keep up. That was fun. She did a couple of nice hill sprints while Brad taunted her. Who are we kidding- we are all taunting each other at this point. That's fun. And Rob just loves to suck my wheel- jeez, does that guy ever pull? Kidding.
Today's miles went really fast until we go to the end where it got hilly. By this time I was only with John and we fell into a nice pace, stopping to talk with some beautiful children and drink lemonade while listening to a young boy sing and play his guitar. The young boy was fantastic. Then his mother took the mic and we just couldn't bear to listen to her. Got some cotton candy and hit the road.
We came into town nice and early today- about 61 miles. I'll probably grab a few more around town- we're in the town where they filmed "Field of Dreams". I don't think I'll schlep out to see it- I'm going to walk around and get something to eat.
Rode with Coog for a short time yesterday- we have totally different RAGBRAI styles and we didn't mesh well so I haven't seen him since.
Tomorrow is the last day and I'm already getting sad about leaving my new friends. I really miss home though so I'll be happy to be on my way.
When we come through towns, people want money for all sorts of things-
You could dunk a cheerleader to support their team
Of course make many donations to cure cancer- I gave $5 to try to win a Trek Madone. I didn't win. Poo.
You could help put a roof on a church, buy dance team outfits, send the local church group to Italy, and my favorite, Feed the Tuba so the band could have new tubas.
I feel wonderful physically. My knees are protesting a little but they can make it another day. I am getting so strong- I haven't needed a massage in days. Which reminds me Auntie- I spent the money you gave me for massages and I took a ride in this airplane thingy (what's it called honey?) so we flew over the corn fields. The wings looked like they were made out of a shower curtain and it was actually pretty scary. But I loved every second of it. Worth every penny. Oh, and I got a good organic cotton T-shirt that says "Not all who wander are lost" with a bike pictures. How appropriate!
So yeah, feeeling very strong and very happy to have done this ride. Tomorrow will be a little hectic- ride 56 miles which at this point feels as easy as falling out of bed- then dip the tire in the river, pack up the bike, and head out on the bus for the 6 hour ride back to Omaha, NE so I can fly out on Sunday. A week to get here, 6 hours to get back.
Oh yeah, yesterday we rode through Amish farms. I asked a man selling some homemade candy if I could take his picture. His answer, "If you don't ask me, I can't tell you no". So I took a few in a very discreet way. His children were beautiful. I had Patty pretend like she was posing, but really I didn't get her in. Then the farmer hands me his card and says he'd love to see some of them, and offered to pay for the postage. So I'm super excited to send him pictures of his children.
Patty also was petting his horse and she kept saying how much the horse liked her. He actually did- kept getting closer to her like a dog! So she's petting him and then goes to leave and the horse follows her- she says, "Look how much this horse likes me, he's following me!" I said, "Patty, his harness is stuck in your shifter". That was SO funny! We had a good laugh.


Kin said...

The last day is the most fun.
Enjoy it!

Lbiguy6 said...

This was a great write-up. I really felt like I was there with you. Barbara and I have been reading the blog and both of us love it.

Love from Barbara and Gerry

FTF said...

It's Sunday and you are on your home and I'm just catching up. It was really terrific reading about your adventures. Thanks so much!

Peace to you- Frank