Saturday, July 14, 2007

Getting ready for Iowa!

Well, Iowa is just about a week away and the excitement is building. I am starting to pack, I think I've completed all my shopping, and I'm counting the days.


Firekeeper10 said...

HORRAY!!! I am so excited for you! Om Mani Pedme Hung ~ May your spirit rise through the hard times felt by your body and shine just as a lotus flower blooms and forces it's way through the mud completely unaffected. May your ride and your fellow riders be blessed with endurance and good health during this challenge. I'll be here watching it all and cheering you all on! I love you Sis! Now go and KICK SOME BUTT!!! Love Melissa Jordyn and Maya

Jenni said...

Great comment!! Thanks sis!!

Peter said...

Good Luck Jenni! Remember to keep your mouth shut! Of course I'm talking about the amount of insect protein to intend to ingest. Also remember to soak up all the beauty of Iowa and live each moment, then take a peek at the bike computer....Uncle Pete

Auntie said...

You continue to be a sweet inspiration to me, Jenni.

Many blessings on your ride, for you and every other rider and helper. May it be a benefit to all beings!

I'll be thinking of you with every spin of your wheels...

Go Jenni, go Jenni, go Jenni, GO!