Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Yesterday I got up later than my usual 5 because I wanted to see more people but today I said screw that- getting out too late just means I have to wait in longer lines. So today was a super early day. I got up about 4:30 and was riding before 5:30. I felt strong, made great time, and thoroughly enjoyed the sunrise. The towns today weren't as tempting as yesterday, but I still stopped a few times for brownies and water. I also stumbled on the best idea ever- I filled a ziplock bag with ice and rode with it in my jersey pocket. It kept me so cool! And every time I got a little extra hot, I'd just take it out and hold it on my neck, or where ever. I'll do that every day from now on!
The weather was hot again and the winds stronger, but we did some northerly riding and a lot of east. I layed on a blanket in someone's yard for a good long while and enjoyed the conversation. The host family put up with all my dumb questions about their corn fields.
Yesterday we had an Irish band playing at our charter service- they were super good. And they're doing our laundry today- what a gift. They have been so great.

On a sad note, I learned yesterday that my Uncle Johnny died. I feel sad about it and I cried a bunch- we weren't close, I knew he was very ill, but still it makes me sad. I really considered coming home, but after talking to my family, have decided to stay. All things being considered, I don't know if I could make it home in time for his service if I wanted to get there. So, I'm riding in his memory. Tell Grandma I said hi Uncle Johnny!

I've just gotten to town here in Cedar Rapids- this is a pretty big town- tonight there will be a Blues Traveler concert and Lance is giving a talk. Someone said that John Kerry and John Edwards were riding today, but there also seem to be a lot of urban myths going on...people think Matthew Maconohey (sp?) is riding, they think Robin Williams is riding, and best of all, someone claims to have spotted Oprah. Yeah, Oprah. Go figure.
Every night there has been music/party scene but I don't go- I can hear the music just fine as I'm trying to sleep, besides the party scene has never been my thang. I guess lots of others are enjoying it.
I'm off now to "shower"- the charter service has this shower thingy set up- it's really just an elaborate series of hoses and you "shower" out in the open- everyone just keeps their bike clothes on which need a good rinsing anyway- the water is ice cold but feels great.
Ok, that's it for now. Thanks everyone for posting, it has made me so happy!
Today will be about 70+ miles after I'm done riding around town.

Oh, and TWO random strangers reached out today and smacked me on the ass, much to my surprise. And when I told someone people that it happened a guy walked over and said, "Ok, this makes three" and gave me another one. I told the first guy he was pretty balsy for doing that! Maybe he knew the other guy and they were in cahoots. Oh well, they're only human, right?!


Toga/Nyack Bike Racing said...

Blues Traveler and LA on top of a 70 mile bike ride! Well, I rode in Rock Lake yesterday with my Ipod on and saw Jeanette's husband Lonny. Not quite the same thing I guess...

And I bet your porta-potty's were cleaner than the Rock Lake bathrooms!

Eric J

Lbiguy6 said...

Way to go Jen. Sorry to hear about your uncle; any family loss is tough.

Got a little nervous yesterday with no update, but read the BJ thread so I know internet service can be a little spotty.

This ride of yours actually has me saying nice things about you, but that will stop next week.

Barbara and Gerry

Mary9761 said...

Sorry to hear about your Uncle ((Jenni)) I'm glad you're having a good (safe) time.
Happy to hear you all are enjoying the Song/Shoutouts! I'm working on a new one for today's shoutout. This one will be a bit more predictable from me... :)

FTF said...


hubby said...

Umm...who are these guys smacking you on the ass, again?

Anonymous said...

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Carrie and Andy said...

Jen, you never cease to amaze. You are an awesome woman and we are so proud of you. Keep up the good work and stay safe.

And hopefully you can share a moment with Matthew McConaughey too. You'd be my hero.


JORDYNN*** said...

Lance loves me more. I wore a livestrong for like 5 minutes. Then it snapped. Haha that cornfield story is funny. Bring home something for me! even if its really corny (and no dont bring home a corn from where you were dropping friends off at the pool :)) See any roadkill???? Moms gonna pierce my cartlige when she feels like it. =) yay. just one side though. cause if u have two your gayy. And yesterday we ALMOST got my nose pierced but the place we went to didnt do that :( Oh well. She promised before school. Well have fun writing and say hi to "Oprah" for me lol. if u see paris hilton get her autograph!!!! I LOVE HER!!!!!!! annnddd longest post goes!!!! Keep that in mind ;) i know, i know im your favorite. I wont tell matt or gray.
Okkkk im going to play sims :) makes me feel guilty that im sitting on my butt this week while your doing all this...but i feel better i ran a mile at the reservation no stopping full sprint that will do for a while =) and btw...something totally took over my face... an allergic reaction maybe? thank god the swelling went down... -.- not cool. byeeeeeeee~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!