Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A bike wedding!

So this past Sunday I went to my good friend Sheryl's wedding. Sheryl is quite possibly the friendliest, most big-hearted person in the world. She's a huge reason for my involvement in the bike club, and for my confidence on a bike- as an uncertain newby, she welcomed me with open arms, she rode with me, she gave me more, "You're so amazing"'s than I could count, and she inspired me.
Sheryl got married this weekend to a former bike racer and current bike mechanic, Wendy. I was so psyched to go her wedding- so happy to share her joy. I can't express how cool it was to have a bicycle-infused wedding. I wished desperately that we had all made some arrangements to arrive on tulle-laden bikes, or facilitate Sheryl and Wendy riding off on bikes with "Just Married" on the backs. Alas, too little too late.
One of my favorite parts of the ceremony was an original composition by our friend, Eric J. (Eric, if you're reading this, post/send me a copy of what you wrote!) Likening marriage to a bike ride, he hit every point perfectly- sometimes there are downhills where you need to maintain control, sometimes there are too many flats...it was so parallel. And that she included that IN the actual ceremony speaks volumes of her own connection to cycling.
Past the wrought iron bicycle holding floral bouquets, I kissed the gleaming Sheryl, hugged the relieved Wendy, and went off to the reception knowing I had never seen a bigger smile than the one Sheryl wore.
We arrived to Pasta Cucina, mingled a little, enjoyed some cocktails, and were shortly invited upstairs to dinner, first pausing to find our table seating. I had been tipped off before that I'd be at table "Specialized", and yes, most of us at the table ride Specialized bikes. After a few drinks and much dancing, bike friends Frank and Eric approached Sheryl on the dancefloor. She, in her champagne-colored strapless wedding dress, Frank and Eric in button downs and pants. Seductively surrounding her, they begin teasingly undressing, until, voila! They pull off their shirts to reveal their bike jerseys!! It was so funny my face hurt from laughing. Damnit!! I had my jersey in the car!! Ah, regrets, I have a few. The crowd erupted in laughter and Sheryl smiled even bigger, laughing hysterically.
Lots and lots of pictures later, several dances with great friends to great music, and we all posed with the aforementioned bike flower holder, and the night was over. Sheryl and Wendy, may you always have tailwinds at your back as you ride off into the sunset together.
That was a fun wedding.


Stephen said...

That sounds like the coolest wedding ever. Too bad I hadn't joined the club earlier and become friends with all of you sooner to warrant an invite.

Jenni said...

It was pretty fun- parts of the ceremony were in Spanish, English and Hebrew. There was the hopa (sp?), the breaking of the glass, and then then Riverdance/bagpipe show. I think I forgot to mention the bagpipes. Yeah, there were bagpipes. And at the outdoor ceremony, a trio of her students were playing Irish jig kind of music on the violin and acordian.

Gaynell said...

Interesting to know.