Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I started running! Been 3 days in a row so far- day one about 1.3 (plus a walk warm up and cool down), day two maybe 1.2, day three over 2.0. I'm pretty excited that I ran over 2 miles today. I can count on one hand the number of times I've run that far. But I'm training once again, this time for a 5 mile race. What am I thinking?!! But I feel reassured today that I did practically half of it and a) I wasn't tired b) I still have 12.5 weeks to train. Yeah, I feel like I can do it!!
I haven't been riding too much lately- not for any reason, I guess I just lost my inertia after Iowa- with such a major goal accomplished, I kind of have been enjoying taking a break. And I feel better that I've been working out with the running now. It's nice to switch gears, no pun intended.
And it's been super nice that my pants aren't fitting. I've been shopping for clothes for my new job- all size 10 pants baby! That's good! By November, probably a size 8 and that will be amazing. I'm looking forward to experiencing my body changing more. It's funny, I never cared really about my body or shape from an I-want-to-look-good standpoint- I've learned throughout life that no matter what shape I am, someone likes it- I'm just excited because an inshape body performs better. I guess I'm becoming addicted to setting and achieving my goals.

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