Saturday, September 29, 2007

Jenni's Annual Great Bike Ride Across New York???

I've been thinking. I schlepped all the way out to Iowa to ride across a state, why not do it right here in NY? Not counting Long Island, it would be under 500 miles to meander my way up to Buffalo. There are great wineries along the way, extraordinary scenery, and 19,999 fewer people or so clogging up hotels. I wouldn't need to pay for airfare either!
I was thinking I could leave early in the summer and plan out a route that will take me more or less in a northwest direction. With enough planning, I could research the many state bike routes, perhaps camp a few nights or stay in hotels. I'd love to do it with a group of people, just not too many. We could even split the hotel costs. It'll be the same wonderful accomplishment as RAGBRAI, but with hot meals every night and soft beds/real showers. Maybe I could convince Matt or someone to drive a support van to schlep stuff/SAG.
I think I'm growing more serious about this- hmmm, I'll have to really think and do some research.

Are you interested? It would be a week long trip, maybe one extra day up in Buffalo before fly/driving home. (P.S. The plane ride from Buffalo takes...well, let's just say check in takes longer than the flight, and the fare is usually super reasonable.)


Kin said...

Sounds fun!
Nice country upstate.

Jenni said...

If it happens, you're invited!