Saturday, October 13, 2007

Fun new colored pencils

My hubby just bought me the professional-grade colored pencils of my dreams- PrismaColors. He got me the biggest collection they produce, which have more colors/shades than you can imagine. I've coveted these colored pencils since freshman year of college when my then-boyfriend Jim had them. Ah, good times, drinking coffee in a coffee shop during the Buffalo winter and drawing with the most vibrant, smooth, creamist colored pencils ever.
Anyway, here's a little doodle. I love the pop of color. I've gotta learn to use Photoshop better to keep the pictures crisp, this doesn't necessarily do it justice. Though it certainly shows my boho-chique style of art- sloppy lines, funky colors and I dunno, flava?


David said...

You also need to buy Painter by Corel

It simulates natural media, and it's frigging amazing.

Jenni said...

Only $400 too!
I have yet to explore digital media- so much about art that I do is the texture- feeling what I do, or where I do it. I sit by this computer long enough. My new pencils are portable, my sketchbooks are portable or the pottery studio is just, amazing. But actually, I'd love to know how to use that software, even if it's just to enhance stuff I've already created.
What's that, you have an extra licensed copy laying around?