Saturday, October 6, 2007

Getting paid to write about biking!!

One of my goals for 2007 was to be published. I am not necessarily a creative writer, but more a proficient one. Anyway, I thought it would be cool to pursue getting published, and I received this email:

Hi Jennifer,I hope all is well. It’s taken almost a year to finally get the ball rolling, but I have good news: We’d love to do a story about biking for Rockalnd Magazine, and we’d love for you to write it. We were hoping to do a 2,500-word feature about some of the best bike-riding routes in the county. As you suggested below, the story could highlight some of the most interesting sights to see along the way, pit stops you can make, directions, clubs, etc. We can pay for the feature and would probably run it next March. What do you say?-Ted

So, needless to say, I said yes! I'm really looking forward to this! And what's cooler than accomplishing your goals?! Woohoo!!!!


Stephen said...

Sights to see along the way-

Gerri in Piermont, lol.

Jenni said...

More like: Pass Gerry...then swing past past Gerry, then go a little further until you see Gerry, and finally finish by Gerry.