Sunday, October 14, 2007

His holiness the dalai lama

I just got back from Radio City music hall-it was so amazing to see him, truly touching. And Richard Gere spoke too-Jordyn and I were only 15 rows away!

My sister and aunt offered me and my neice tickets for today's lecture. I am a borderline Buddhist- I never officially took refuge vows, but I live my life very much in a Buddhist way- I try to be kind, compassionate- my decision to remain a vegetarian is largely karma-based, and well, I just like what this religion offers.

So, seeing the Dalai Lama was awesome. I think I would've felt equally in awe of any exalted religious leader though- they just carry themselves a certain way- you feel the nature of their energy and dedication and it's humbling. At times I thought I'd cry the way he looked at people, or was so unbelievably humble if the crowd applauded for him

Of course, like any group of religious zealots, there was a healthy helping of antithetical actions. My neice had taken out her camera (many people did) and snapped exactly one picture before the lady next to her scolded her firmly saying, "You're not going to do that all DAY ARE YOU?". In Buddhist tradition, I'll reserve judgement, even though I already judged her. Whoa, non judgement is hard. Or the Buddhist lady outside selling buttons- she was mobbed when the lecture let out and people really wanted to buy her buttons. She was the grouchiest button-selling lady I ever met! (ooops, more judgement, good thing I'm only a pseudo-religious-zealot).

Anyway, gorgeous day, met a lovely woman on the way home on the bus. I'm going now to work on this judgement issue I'm having. Or to eat. Oh my needs are so great.

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