Sunday, October 28, 2007

Pasta with "meat" sauce

A quick, easy, and high-protein dinner. Start with Morningstar Farms Crumbles- they're a great substitute for any recipe that calls for ground beef. I thaw them first in a pan, just for a minute.
Stir in your favorite pasta sauce- here it's Prego three-cheese (which has no more fat/calories than non-cheese, guess they don't really put that much in it!)
Voila. Use whatever pasta you like, though it's probably best to use a small, bite-sized pasta. Usually I use farfalle, but today it was gemelli.
I always drizzle a little extra virgin olive oil into the pasta (helps it to not stick), and remember not to ever rinse your pasta, it takes away the yummy starches and washes away any vitamins. Also, don't over drain your pasta.
This dish literally takes as long to cook as it takes to cook the pasta- so quick and easy. Good, filling, comfort food.
I used 1 bag of crumbles, 1 jar of sauce (Matt likes to make sauce from scratch, but today I did this extra fast), and 1 box of pasta so we'd have enough for lunches tomorrow. You could definitely play with how much/little you add of crumbles to the sauce.
P.S. here I'm using my favorite bamboo utensil- they don't scratch the pan and they're nice and smooth

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