Sunday, December 2, 2007

My indoor rock wall

Back in the day when I was young I'm not a kid anymore but someday I sit and wish I was a kid again. (really old song)
Before cycling, I used to be really into rock climbing. So into rock climbing in fact that I took out my dining room furniture and built an inverted rock wall so I could get stronger and work out at home. I loved this thing. Here's a pic of me on it for the very first time- in subsequent workouts I was protected on the bottom by a gymnastics mat, and I'd wear my actual climbing shoes. And then there was the time I popped a tendon doing three finger pull ups. Yes, a popped tendon makes an audible pop and then no more pull ups for me for about 3 months.
After Matt and I bought our house in Georgia, we had a new roof put on- the roofer thought I was crazy when I asked if it was possible to install anchors so I could practice my rope work while hanging from the house. What was his deal?!

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David said...

Well his deal was "it's Georgia" and the though you were going to actually be into deviant pornographic moves.