Monday, December 10, 2007


I was talking to somebody about Campmor recently and shared with them this little tidbit that they suggested was good enough to sell. Here it is - I'll give it to you for free, for what it's worth: Apparently Campmor is able to negotiate special prices on one-time shipments of stuff. And you can tell which are the special, ultra low-cost items because their price ends in "7" (i.e. $49.97). While I was trying on bike bibs I listened to a sales lady explain this practice to a customer - telling him why some fantastic product at a fantastic price was out of stock and never coming back. She encouraged him, in the future, that if there was anything he ever wanted to buy but was unsure of he should buy it when he saw it and return it later if he didn't want it because these special orders are a one-shot deal. If this advice was good enough to sell you may send me a nickel in the mail - no, make that $0.07. Happy shopping.

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Vignettes said...

That is a very interesting piece of information. I picked up a pair of Asics 2120s there earlier this year at a price that ended in "7". Nice to know I got a great deal - if I didn't know that all along.