Saturday, December 22, 2007

End of the Year Miles

It's on. I'm competitive and I give in easily to being taunted in competition. So I'm in. David has come from a severe mileage deficit to be ahead of me by 37 miles this morning. I have 9 days of riding left to catch and pass him and make him cry like a little girl.
It's cold. I hate the cold. It gets dark early. I've got my lights. Gathering the motivation to put my body into the cold air cripples me. HELP!!!! Can you please post things to help me maintain my motivation to win win win? HELP!!
Check back here, I'll be posting our progress.

UPDATE: David is 29 miles ahead. Today I got in 18.6. I have a sneaking feeling David will add more this evening. It was cold today. I need another layer on top.
Gerry, that IS motivation!! Frank, Eric, right on the money. YES!!!

UPDATE: I just rode 8.07 miles in the dark. I get home and see David rode 16.9. David's ahead 38 friggen miles. And its going to rain ALL day tomorrow.

UPDATE: I just put on practically every garment I own including Rita's banana rain suit and got in a quick 10.22 miles. I have to go out of town today and won't be back until very late tomorrow. Bummer. I would've ridden more today, but we're too tight on time to get out of here. David's ahead by 28 miles before he rides today.

UPDATE: I went to Albany to visit the in-laws. Brought my bike, got in 36 of the coldest, most ridiculous miles ever. Route 20 to Albany. Massive rollers, powerful headwind/crosswind, snow when I started, ice on the roads. CRAZY!! But I snuggled into my warm clothing and persevered. I rode 36 miles, David rode 32. All that and I'm STILL down by 43 miles. I don't know how much longer I can keep this up. I sucked it up big time to get out there today, my resolve is starting to crumble!!!! And Matt's worrying that I'm being risky. He's right.

UPDATE: 12/28/07- spent some time today cleaning Baby. I took the back wheel off to clean the cassette and it came off entirely!! Long story short, there was a part that was cross-threaded from the initial build, blah blah...David tried to help me put everything back together, but it was a no-go. The competition is on hold until she's up and running again. The rear wheel won't turn at all. I'm going to bring it in tomorrow, hopefully it'll get fixed quickly and inexpensively. Stay tuned. (Thanks for the help though David!)


mariatlugo said...

Stop typing on the computer and get out there! Come on Jenni - you can do it. This is your year. You already did Ragbrai this year. Don't waste that mega-mileage!

Gerry said...

I'm betting against you. How's that for motivation?

Anonymous said...

can only tell you this. If you want to be competitive you have to be a competitor. That means you do what has to be done however you have to do it. I rode close to 3 hours outside yesterday in the cold because that's what I have to do to get ready for the racing season.

Myself and Frank wear bracelets emblazoned with Stuart O'Grady's famous words to the CSC team at the start of the Tour after he had crashed and the team started bitchin. I pass these words on to you with all the love and caring I possess:


Or HTFU... There is no cold, there is no option. There is only you and the goal. Pain is temporary but the victory will last forever....

No Excuses Do The Work!

Eric J
(published by Jenni from an email)

Anonymous said...

As we say in Yiddish Sista....SHUT UP AND RIDE! If it's that important to you to win you'll just have to suck it up for 1 week and ride in the cold. If your not riding today you missed a good one. Me and 2 of my teamates were up in Harriman this morning riding through snow showers and as you know it's 5-8 degrees colder (and windy) up there. I don't want to hear it! If it's that important to'll ride. If it's not...... your wasting my time!


Your pal,

Frank F
(published by Jenni from an email)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenni,

Pain is only weakness leaving the body. I wish I could say that cometition is painless but it never is painless.
You look into your core self and I think you'll find the grit and determination there. If anyone can catch Dave and pass him it is you!
You go out there young lady and kick his butt!!! We are all rooting for you!!!
GO JENNI !!!!!!

PATH ( Paul )

Daniel said...

Here's the thing... you can either whine about how the cold did you in, try and change the rules so that the competition ends when the weather suits you, or you can shut up and ride.

Despite my pathetic schedule I will be out riding this week, so you've *really* got no excuse...

david said...

Well you went out and rode your bike, it's only fair that I do so too.

Stephen said...

Jenni, you need to get out there and ride chicky. Get it in this year while you can because next year I'm coming after you ;)

David said...

Update: Jenni blew off Paul's ride today at the lake to go riding by her house. Sheesh, nice commitment to the Club Jenni.

Jenni said...

Club Jenni. That does have a nice ring to it.

rita said...

hmmm, Club Jenni DOES sound pretty good.
I can't ride tonite cause I'M busy cooking and baking.
what's YOUR excuse, club jenni?
(ooh... i just know i'm gonna pay for this one...)

Jenni said...

Ahem, I have no excuse. I just got back from doing 6.2 miles in the cold, dark, lonely night.

rita said...

atta girl. i can hear him whimpering from here.

David said...

whimper, right, that's what I'm doing. She's crushing me. Stop it. No. Stop it.

Anonymous said...


I'll give you the best, best motivation of all, one that we should all use for our life's motivation.


Make every pedal stroke you do a prayer for peace. Every breath of cold air you breathe, a prayer that every person on earth can breathe fresh air.

Dedicate your amazing fortitude and courage to those that are humbled down.

Do everything, everything, everything with this in mind, and your rides can truly change the world, dearest niece.


Jenni said...

Auntie- YES!! I should totally have thought of that! Ok, the rest of my miles will be like that. THANKS!!