Monday, December 31, 2007

I've lost

Well, here it is, the end of 2007. I have lost the mileage competition with David. I gave it a good shot, but he's willing to push further than me and I am broken. I'll never ride again. My life is over.
Top Ten Reason's Why I Lost:
10) The support from my friends was so overwhelming I spent too much time emailing/blogging/texting
9) Matt discouraged me from riding in dangerous conditions, Abby encouraged David to get out there you pansy and beat Jenni's ass
8) Gray's crying voicemails
7) Matt's crying voicemails
6) David's crying voicemails
5) My feet froze and fell off and I couldn't find cleats that would attach to my stumps
4) My bike was sabotaged
3) I accumulated so much debris on my bike it turned into a salt pillar
2) I wore every garment I owned and still got cold, wet and miserable.
1) David just had more fight.
Seriously, you helped push me further than I ever would have gone and that's awesome. And well, I didn't win, but damn I hope I maked you work for it (maybe just a little?) Now let's just ride together and I'll beat you up the next hill. (Or more likely down it, who are we kidding).
Good bye 2007!!!!!!


david said...

I don't think you lost in any meaning of the word (aside from the obvious, silly and arbitrary compilation of the count of horizontal miles moved on a recreational device).

You have to look at our competition from a different standpoint, and that's achievement relative to history.

I'm a cyclist with more than ten years of season-long all-weather riding. I started as a mountain biker. I've biked across Alaska. I have no issues with the cold and the wet because I've accumulated a crazy amount of gear over the years, and I'm not opposed to spending silly amounts of money to justify my hobby.

Need a bike for the cold/dark/wet? Okay. Need better lights? Okay.

You started off riding with the club as a self-avowed "ice pansy". Your first year of riding you didn't go out in temperatures below, what? 50? You didn't go out in inclement weather or at night. In fact, until a few weeks ago, you didn't even have a light (which makes that night riding thing hard).

Now because of this mileage battle you've gone out in extreme temperatures, for long distances, often alone and very determined.

That's a lot more impressive than my achievement.

So, let's skip that whole thing about losing. You didn't.

Daniel said...

I didn't realize how much it sucks when the person you "lost" to is so gracious. It almost hurts more... :~)

That said, I agree there's no way you can look back at this year and say "I lost" in a sense of the word.

I look forward to riding more with you this year as well.

Jenni said...

Awh, you guys

david said...

Oh yeah, btw. Those of you who rooted for Jenni over me in this competition, whether in public here or privately?

I know who you are. And I'm going to go all Sweeny Todd on your asses this year. Metaphorically speaking of course.

Don't try to derail the D-Train, woooooooot.

gerry said...

I say you lost and are indeed a pansy. Aren't I sweet?