Saturday, December 15, 2007

Ladies Night/Cookie Exchange

Well I wish I had gotten some pictures of our cookie exchange last night. I was talking to Susan, with her fabulous new haircut, and we talked about how we should have a picture of the night. We quickly came to the conclusion that to get a picture would require me leaving the table filled with cookies to retrieve my camera, which I was certainly not willing to do.
The night was so much fun, I think everyone had their funny pills before they came. I was laughing the equivalent of three glasses of wine when really I didn't even drink a full one!
We ate a delicious dinner- thank you everyone for cooking! What a special thing it is to gather with people you care about, share a meal, overindulge in cookies and coffee and laugh until you sweat!
In attendance: Me, Debbie, Maria, Sheryl, Rita, Maggie and daughter Alex, A-MAN-da, Abby, and Susan. Christian was there too but he was in the living room waiting for the conversation about shaved balls to die down. Yes, really. And no, I didn't start it. Oh wait, come to think of it, I did make the inciting comment that got Sheryl to start it. I am classy. No wait, Sheryl brought up sticky balls first come to think of it. Phew, I'm off the hook. Of course her comment was concerning dough balls but let's not split hairs.
Highlights: Maria talking on the phone at the table, the rest of us mocking her and pretending to talk on our nutbars, spoons, forks, etc. Omg that was funny.
Sheryl asking people to share, Rita making the sign of the cross with two very long skinny bread sticks. I'm still laughing about that.

What do you remember?


Gerry said...

Why don't u start a poll asking if u are classy? HA!

Abigail said...

Highlights for me: Maria's rainbow cookies, Susan's Nutella pockets (like giant, soft Stella Dora Swiss Fudge cookies, which by the way, happen to be my favorite). What, you mean there was something going on besides the cookies? While I think I heard the words "beard trimmer" go by, I was too deep in my sugar coma to notice. Also, kudos to Rita for baking, or at least convincing us she did! (Those cookies were suspiciously well-formed though... hmmmmm.)

Anonymous said...

hey hey careful there, little Miss! I absolutely baked those suckers. And it's date nut bread season, by the way, so I might even do that any day now. (I'm rather amazed that with all the times I wandered out of the kitchen, I didn't have to actually toss any for excessive crispy-ness). fun night, great food, lotsa laughs and Phew - we mocked our way outta Sharing. (why DOES she do that?!, I must ask). All those cookies. That chicken parmigiana was very wonderful, as was brunswick? stew, makes me think I could actually maybe do such a thing... maybe.
For a good time, call Maria.
Nb to Gerry: she are classy!

gerry said...

I notice that after quite a few days only one person says you are classy and she posts anonymously. What a surprise that any person who reports you classy refuses to be identified.

Jenni said...

Uh oh. Gerry, it was nice knowing you. My anonymous poster has been known to defend me mericlessly. Repent, repent, for the love of GOD REPENT!!

mariatlugo said...

Wait - you were mocking me while I was on the phone! Bitch....