Wednesday, December 5, 2007

"Unchanged and Unremarkable"

Just got the call- unchanged and unremarkable. I'll be anxious to get the official report or to talk to the doctor directly, but blood was normal and nothing has changed since the last mri. I'm going to take that as a good sign.
Phew! "It's not a tuma".


David said...

Excellent news! I'm glad I didn't play racquetball with you recently, I'd have thought it was my fault.

Jenni said...

It still is your fault. Your guilt should continue unabated, and if you took a guilt respite, please double up until your back at the necessary level.

Abigail said...

Glad you're okay. Maybe you just need more iron?
Another possibility: You said you'd been "dizzy" -- are you sure you didn't mean "ditzy"? Because that would explain a LOT.

Jenni said...

Abigail, that would solve a lot. I'd tell if you I could just remember.
Wait, what were we talking about?
P.S. need more sushi