Friday, January 18, 2008

Bike cleaning!


Daniel said...

And why would you be cleaning David's mountain bike? Penance for what? :~)

Jenni said...

Shhh, it's an early birthday surprise. While he was out of town I snuck over to his house and cleaned three of his bikes.

David said...

Well to be truly accurate you snuck over and temporarily *stole* three of my bikes, and cleaned them at your house.

Jenni said...

Yes, true. I was totally scared to be taking your babies too. I didn't know if you liked Pledge on the frame (some people are totally anti-Pledge) so I just cleaned them with water. I didn't know if you prefer wet or dry lube- I used wet.
Ok, some things I noticed, I'm sure you know these but I'll tell you anyway:
Your night bike:
The fender is rubbing inside your chain stay on the right side, really really badly. The cassette has a little bit of rust, there's a broken light mount, and there's a cable fraying by the front derailleur, but it's past the bolt.
So beautiful- this was my favorite. There are two spokes on your rear wheel that are a little bent. I don't know if they're actually bent or if it means anything, but they're just different from the others
Mtn bike- did you know that the cable to the front derailleur leans inside the derailleur? Oh, and can you teach me about disk brakes? I've never done anything with bikes with disk brakes (don't they make hydraulic ones too?). And the urge to hide pink butterfly stickers on your babies was nearly overwhelming...

Daniel said...

Please feel free to steal any of my bikes for the purpose of interstate cleaning and reporting on things that need fixing.


And Happy Birthday David!