Monday, January 21, 2008


We're smiling on the outside but on the inside, we're slowly freezing to death.

Of course Daniel's bike needed birthday flair. He actually lucked out, I had three more of these little pompoms in my car.

A 2008 goal accomplished- to ride until my water bottle froze. So cool.

So today was Danielb's birthday ride. We met at the lake early in case anyone wanted to do some unofficial miles before the real "ride" started. Weird, no one came. Anyway, Daniel brought me gifts on his birthday- so cool. A set of pink tire levers so I can change flats in style, and this little teapot bell. How cute is that?! I am looking forward to having a bell- riding on the bike path here in Ridgewood is sometimes crowded and now I can just bell people to death. Ah good times.

We rode around the lake until official ride time, 11:00. Still no one. We rode around two more times, over frozen puddles and through salt patches. We decided not to go do roads- the wind was so strong- the temps were predicted to be in the low 20s, with wind chills between 0 and 3 degrees.
We finished with 12 miles and decided to go home. I felt better than last year- wearing my down winter coat helped. I think I would have died without it.
Happy Birthday Danielb! Sign me up for next year. I've heard vodka in your water bottle won't freeze and it makes you not care how cold it is. That sounds like a plan.

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Daniel said...

The vodka thing is going to make this a *much* better ride. I look forward to testing it on your birthday!