Monday, January 28, 2008

Marijuana vending machine
Excuse my non-linkification right there. I'll fix that later.
California is set to open two medical marijuana vending machines. People with valid prescriptions can go into the store and order up some pot. A vending machine filled with M&Ms gets vandalized, I'd be willing to take bets these things don't survive the week.
I love how the owner of the store LOOKS like someone who's selling pot too. Couldn't he have at least taken off his hat to reveal his dreads? Ah well.


David said...

I should move to california, this gout is killing me.

Daniel said...

Speaking of gout (now there's a segue I'll never use again...)

How about combining your birthday, Jenni, with the winter festival idea? Bring the vending machine! :~)

Gerry said...

At my age I must have something wrong to get an Rx.