Friday, January 4, 2008

Step away from the bone

Tonight we pulled out Gray's bed from against the wall to retrieve some toys, and down between the bed and wall, we found Amber's bone. I have no idea how it got there. Anyway, Matt gave the bone back to Amber, which started her awesome-to-watch bone behavior.
First, one ought never acknowledge the bone. Amber will slink around until she finds just the right hiding place because of course, the bone is never actually eaten. So in this video Amber is "burying" the bone in the crack between the cushion and the arm of the couch. I don't know what part of the bury-the-bone gene mutated to be satisfied by burying something without any burying medium, such as dirt. Here you can see Amber pushing, well, AIR around, thinking she's covering the bone. You'll notice she gets lucky and catches a leaf off the plant. Ooooh, tricky.
Shortly after this video, because I acknowledged the bone, it was exhumed and reburied on the chair.
The best is when she buries it in the middle of the floor, out in the open. We just step around it like it doesn't exist.
Once I found her bone buried in my pillow case- that was hilarious.

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