Monday, March 17, 2008

Melissa update-Monday

Here's Melissa today. Looking better! Her blood pressure was 140/100. The doctor says she's getting better, no fever, and is moving air better. She said they're shooting for a Wednesday release if weaning off the medication is going well. I have to say this definitely seems like the best day so far- she seems to have more energy. She says thank you everybody for checking in!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping this updated, Jen and for all your extra help. I took Maya to visit her Mom again today. Melissa looks and feels better, to be sure. However, she's still on the IV and the doc says she has to be weaned down to oral-sized doses before she can be released. We're still hoping for Wednesday. Incidentally, Maya is still coughing, but went back to school today (whew!). Jordyn's got her first job as a hostess at the Ramsey Golf & Country Club. Dianne has been helping me for a couple of days and I'm impressed at how she has learned her way around the neighborhood. Lots of back and forth trips to/from the hospital, Blockbuster and other requests from Melissa, taking Jordyn to/from work, etc. Thank you ALL for your support. We love you very much! Patty/Mom/Nana