Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Arbitrary ramblings

In my last post, I used the word bucolic. But it's been bothering me. Bucolic is not a bucolic word. Its very nature does not suggest idyllic rural life. It does however suggest a bodily formation of buboes.

"Oh, poor guy- he died of bubonic plague AND had colic. He died of bucolic."
I'm just saying.

And another arbitrary thought. Here was an amusing email I got today. Got to love it:

Recommend CST recommend to CSE classification as LD

consider all coteach class with AC

It just made me laugh. I shared it with Matt who said if he'd find it funnier if he didn't work for the government and, "If I didn't have to submit my QMR into the ACS by Friday." Haa. Why those are funny, who knows. I'm loopy.

And while I'm making myself laugh, I liked that I told Gerri the only thing I'd ever seen him clean is a plate of potatoes and that my bike is made of osmium.

Ah, whaddya gonna do.

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