Saturday, May 31, 2008

Is it only day 5?

Now the days just seem to draaaaag on. I've been actually very content with what I've been doing- I have to say I haven't struggled like in the past where I'm fighting the urge to eat or having cravings. I also have not been obsessing- weighing myself every morning or doing any one of a myriad of tricks and unhealthy choices (i.e. delaying eating in the morning as long as I could) of years past. I really should punctuate that- many years past. I haven't done any unhealthy, manipulative dieting in a long time- so long really that I can't remember. Maybe it was after Gray was born. I was fortunate to have only gained 22 lbs with him, but after I had him, my weight started creeping up again. Cue Weight Watchers and over exercising/not eating. It worked for a few lbs and well, you know the story.
I'm happy for the way I've been feeling and the not-eating-after-7 pm really works for me. I have necessarily cut out a lot of the cheese and wheat I'd normally eat. Unfortunately "vegetarian" food can be a ridiculous amount of cheese- like going out to eat and the only non-meat item on the menu is cheese ravioli or something like that. I'm really interested to weigh myself right now, but it hasn't been a week yet- I don't want to weigh myself every morning, because I reeeeally want to weigh myself every morning.
Today- I had to get up super early to go to my exam- I had coffee on the way there and some raisins and a nut bar- you know the kind, they're really just a bunch of nuts stuck together with honey. It was about 250 calories for everything. Oh yeah, then there was the lollipop I had during the exam, but I'm going to let that slide.
Came home and had a snack of left over Sloppy Joes- just one small sandwich.
Lunch was another easy favorite-franks and beans. I know it's so inelegant but it's just yummy and ridiculously fast- probably about 350 calories.
Dinner was a veggie (can I stop writing veggie- you all know it's all veggie) Subway sandwich with lettuce, tomato, precious few black olives, green pepper, and two tiny pieces of provolone on wheat- no mayo and I didn't eat all the bread (because it was stale, not because I was saving calories). (about 430 calories)
I had planned for a ride today but that didn't work out- I could've mustered the energy to go alone but instead spent the time cleaning my bike, mitigating my annoying chirp. But the problem is solved and my chain is rust-free. I need to work more on committing to vigorous workouts- I am going to look into joining a gym this week so I can lift and INCREASE MY MUSCLE MASS EVEN MORE. Then I'm going to antagonize Ultimate Fighters and try to get sponsored by Creatine. But seriously, I enjoy strength training and I'm good at it- I started lifting when I was probably about 11 or 12- I'm completely comfortable in a gym full of grunting dudes, ah they're all just pussycats. Oooh, and raquetball should definitely be worked into the schedule. Though it is life-threatening, it's such an amazing workout.
Well there you go. Maybe I'll start posting pictures soon- how do I do that without it being...inappropriate? I'd like to sincerely document my journey- it provides motivation...but I don't want to...I don't know...aahhh. Ok, bye. Maybe I'll just keep them to myself...this is the internet after all...

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