Thursday, May 29, 2008

Tonight's ride

Tonight was a great ride-here's the description:

Restoring an old RBC tradition, we're going to depart Piermont at 6pm moved to 6:15 for an out and back to Tenafly. Good speed ride, pace up to 18-20 on the flats at times. We won't drop on this ride, but if we do this more this season, we might. Anyone who wants to stop to watch the Rockleigh Crit can do so as we'll be passing by. About 20 miles, very brief stop in Tenafly usually.

I have never gone on a ride that was posted this fast. I asked David if he thought I could hang on this ride, he said yes. I wasn't so sure.
From Piermont, we quickly found our speed- often we were above 20 and I was enjoying the effort, the smoothness of the line. There is something just so great about riding in a well-paced line, especially with guys that I enjoy. I often feel that I'm being taken care of, the wheel is offered for me and the glance over the shoulder tells me I'm being watched over. Or once in a while I wonder if it means, "Is she still there or has she died because she can't possibly be keeping pace". Ah, I'll go with the former.
Anyway, we got to Tenafly and I was expecting to be able to grab some water, but we just kept going. David scared the shit out of me from behind a tree- aahh, heart condition plus 20 mph riding = dead jenni. Funny nonetheless.
Then my left calf started cramping, so I dropped back to stretch and see if I could get it to stop. It didn't really stop, but I managed to stay comfortable for the remainder of the ride. David (not that one) pulled me and Lloyd for a good while, that was nice of him. I want to do more rides where we all take turns pulling- I definitely had it in me to do the work- I don't want to be THAT taken care of.
Back to the start, some terribly dull talking about some friggen video editingzzzzzzzz...I didn't know it was possible to fall asleep while riding but I swear I dozed off for a mile or two. (Insert cheap Gerry joke here)
Great ride down to the hook and back. My matchy green jersey is a BUG magnet. Holy cow, those guys added at least an ounce to my effort.)


david said...

Why didn't you tell me that your calf was cramping? You probably just needed a few minutes of slow and you'd have been fine. You also should have taken my water.

Sorry we didn't stop in tenafly. It's actualy a really slow annoying stoplight riddled jaunt from that point on, and I didn't really want to go 5 mph just to turn around in .5 a mile and do it again.

You did great, you're a very strong rider.. I already knew that though from riding with you. Just stop spinting in the hoods.

Jenni said...

I would've told you but you were too far ahead- and really the stretching helped so I was ok. But yeah, I could've used water. I'm thinking about fashioning gallon jugs to my frame, that should do it.
Thankfully my deal with Lloyd paid off perfectly. I like having domestiques.