Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The need to simplify

I feel like I need to simplify my life. I'm surrounded by too much stuff. Too much stuff entirely- and I find it affects me in a very major way. I also really subscribe to feng shui- the energy the flows around us, especially in our homes. As a student, I could never study if the room/house was messy- cleaning is always the first thing I did, which consequently usually used up all my energy causing me to not actually get around to the studying, but still, I feel the stuff around me. Plus, I'm smart anyway so who needs to study anyway, right? Ha!
So here I go, I'm going to start simplifying. What do you want? I'll probably give it to you. There's something great about having things you enjoy surrounding you, but something so much better to me about giving something to someone if it makes them happy.
I don't know where I should start- clothes that don't fit? Thankfully that's a lot, yeah bike riding!! (p.s. I've decided to go for another 10 lbs.) Maybe I should give away books, I do love my books. I should just give away Matt's books. Ha, too late. I did that years ago, but to be fair his were stinky books and mine are, well, awesome.
I'd like to set up a much better biking system- I have all these bike products that I need to access regularly, but they're all just currently sitting in some drawers and uncharacteristically Ikea has continually failed me in this endeavor.
When I need to simplify, I also write rambling blog posts, kind of like a brain dump.
I also make lists incessantly- did you know there are entire blogs dedicated to list-making? They're pretty funny- I like the ones that go like this:
Pick up dry cleaning
give dog a bath
buy toothpaste
If I had the energy I'd link to a list blog but I'm itching to get going. If you find one, let me know.
Here's my first effort:


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