Thursday, July 10, 2008

Seattle to Portland ride!

Many of you know I'm about to ride my bike from Seattle to Portland- it's a 202-ride in 2 days with 9500 other cyclists. You ride 101 miles a day and arrive in my favorite city on earth, Portland.

My packing is almost done. That will happen of course after my repacking...again. I think I have developed a touch of OCD when it comes to preparing for a bike trip. There's so much stuff to bring spanning so many genres of packing. There is of course the bike ride packing- however there are several subgenres for which to prepare; the very early morning it-might-still-be-dark, the possibility of rain, the chill of the early AM, the flair and fun stuff, the clothing and then all the crap that goes onto the bike- Garmin (and charging cord), HR monitor, sunglasses.
Then there's the regular packing; some jeans, shorts, t-shirts, toiletries, contacts. There's the packing for the one night of camping; tent, rollpad, flashlights, sleeping bag, medicine...there are the electronics I can't live without; iPod, cell phone (and chargers), then of course the prizes and surprises for other people!
I'm good though- my list making is in full effect.
I'm going to send pics from my phone as I ride so anyone who cares to follow us can check in. I say us but I don't know if I mean it- I learned from Iowa that I'd much rather ride alone than do what someone else wants to do and that I need to assert that or I get grumpy and start calling people names publically. Oh wait, I did assert that in Iowa which caused Captain Groucho to get well, grouchy, which caused me to get grumpy and led to me riding alone anyway which I enjoyed more. I digress...
So maybe there will be some amalgam of "us" from the club or maybe it'll just be me. I am looking forward to the bbq that we're going to have with Lloyd, John Sr and John Jr, and David, on Friday, and I'm really just looking forward to Seattle and Portland and all spots in between. I really had hoped my fake tattoos had arrived before I went...maybe today. There were cool bike chains that I wanted to sport.
Well, back to my repacking and last-minute errands, so much to do!


lotto said...

Alla hu akhbar!!!

Jenni said...

Annoying friggen person up there.