Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A soldier's email

From my friend in Afghanistan:

Seven guys from my battalion were killed in the last 12 days. I didn't know any of them, they weren't in my 133-man company, but it still hurts the morale of the guys when it happens. It sucks to tell your wife and Mom that you're safe in a secure location and then call trying to beat the news reports, to tell them you're not the one who was killed. I tell them not to worry about my safety, but how can they NOT worry when Hajji keeps killing guys from my battalion? Oh well, such is the life of a soldier.

This man has three small boys and a wife at home. End this war. These wars.


Gerry said...

We are never leaving Afghanistan. I don't care who becomes the next president, he will not end that war. He will probably expand it.

Jenni said...

Why do you think that?
My friend's deployed until January- I just hope he can make it through.

Gerry said...

Because the Taliban are getting stronger. They are threatening to take over large parts of Pakistan (already own a lot of it). If they control a nuclear country millions will die. There are a bunch of new terrorist training camps in Pakistan.

The Bush administration took their eye off the ball. The ball is not in Iraq (a war you know I am against), the ball is in Afghanistan. When the commanders ask for Predators to track the Taliban they are told all of the Predators are in Iraq.

The Taliban want us all dead.