Saturday, August 2, 2008

Girl's Weekend

Wow, it's so nice to see old friends. I've been spending the weekend with my best friends that I haven't seen in far too long. It's been a lot of laughing, a lot of love, and a lot of talking. Most of what I'm doing I don't dare bore people with- for some reason the stuff that is so much fun is really only fun to us. Like Darcie's unfailing ability to make an innocent reference to something that Heather and I find inherently overtly sexual (when talking about a straw she was about to suck on she noted once, "Oooh, it's so BIG").
So my past few days have been a lot of stuff- I ate at Willy's Burritos- the single best burrito place, well, on earth. They make an orange-juice marinated tofu that is so amazing. We painted pottery last night and spent probably 3 hours talking and most-likely embarrassing ourselves with our lack of internal editors, be it not for the Bitch wine we probably would've been more tactful. Darcie painted some god-awfully ugly thing that she plans to give someone as a gift, though I begged her not to. Heather painted something for her son, Owen, who was born one month after Gray. We were pregnant at the same time, our sons went to daycare together while we worked together and spent out time trading emails and being wildly inappropriate 24/7. When I lived here, we all lived within a mile of each other.
It's hard to leave friends like this. I'm already sad thinking about it. Tomorrow we're going to meet up with another friend for what I can only imagine will be laughter until there are tears.
On another note, today Gerry called me and told me a "young, honest man" found my engagement ring. I was dumbfounded. Not that my ring was found- that it turns out it was Gerry who found it and referred to himself as "young and honest". Oh wait, he said I had to be nice to him in order to get my ring back. I told him he could wear it until I see him. That's nice, right? Apparently he found it on a futon couch that is down the hall from the room we slept in. Who knows how it got there, I know I looked. But the couch is white so it would be easy to miss.
There are so many good things about this trip- part of me is anxious to get home though. I wanted to try to ride an Ibis today- Darcie thought the shop was only 20 miles away, good thing I brought my GPS- turns out it was 90 miles. So no test ride, again. Dang, what's a girl gotta do to ride an Ibis?!
Tomorrow everyone will fill their mornings with church. I'm briefly considering going with someone to theirs- though I'm not presbyterian or methodist, I do enjoy experiencing the way people worship. The messages are always the same to me anyway.
Tonight I'm looking forward to going to sleep early after some sketching and much writing. I've been writing like crazy in my new journal, which I love. I spent pages just pulling out lyrics to songs that touched me. Now I'm just rambling. So goodnight.

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