Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Three Jewels class

I had to take this picture in class last night because the teacher was wearing the absolute most adorable dress I have ever seen in my life. Ok, she was adorable, but the dress was awesome.
I'm taking this class called Crazy Sexy Wisdom, it's given in Manhattan, and it's a women's only class. I guess the premise of the class is how to use Buddhism to get what you want from life. I'm not interested in the me part of it, that description is misleading in terms of my desires- I was interested in just learning more about the school, the other women, and Buddhism in general. And though I do not want to learn how to get a man or how to have more money, I did come away with a lot of useful information.
Not the least of which is that the women in this class were beyond beautiful, I really couldn't believe the spectrum of beauty as we sat on our pillows, rose petals strewn about at our feet. Wow. We listened, we giggled, we meditated. It was nice. I'm torn about whether I want to blog about what I learned. I'm not a religious-y kind of person, certainly not one to preach, but there's also part of me that says if someone else would find the information helpful in their lives, I'd totally do a recap from the notes I took. I'll wait for the answer to come to me- if you're interested in hearing it, let me know, I'll write it. Otherwise, I'll just talk about the pretty ladies and amazing dresses.

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