Monday, September 1, 2008

First post-biopsy ride

Danielb says: "Wanna ride on Monday?"
Jenni says: "Sure, but I'm still recovering, can we do something flat and kind of easy?"
Danielb says: "Of course."
Please see the above HILL profile for today's ride, which incidently started at 6:30 AM. It's getting chilly out that time of morning too...brrrr. I probably could've been more bundled up and stayed that way for the whole ride, it was just warming up when we finished.
I distictly recall somewhere between mile 8 and 12 asking Daniel how he managed to figure out a route with more uphills than down- I thought I might have just been crazy, but there it is, a gradual up up up. I was given a pass today to whine/complain about a lot of things, I would say I used that pass to the extreme. Thanks for listening to all my griping! And I didn't even bleed THAT much...

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Anonymous said...

Hah. :~) "That's the last hill..." 'nuff said.