Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I hardly want to bother...

UPDATE: WEDNESDAY'S BIOPSY IS BENIGN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm gonna give this the quick and dirty run down on today- here goes:
I have an appointment next week for a consult with my second-opinion breast surgeon. He reviewed my films and called me in to have additional mammography pics. I was excited- I hoped it would show nothing.
Got there this morning, 9:15. A while later I had my mammography. The doc ordered pics of the biopsy site, but also several of the left breast which had previously been declared fine.
After my first mammo, went to sit back in the waiting room. Got called back for more pics, again the left. Went back to the waiting room. Got called for a sonogram of the left. The doctor who performed the sonogram thinks she saw something. She called another doctor in who thought it was just a lobule, but the first doc wanted a biopsy. So out came the needles and the tears, mine, not hers- though I was so pitiful the nurse told me she was going to cry with me. I went through an entire box of tissues. Awh.

The needle biopsy was less painful and shorter than the other biopsy on the right. Tissue sample came out, new titanium jewelry went in- now I have a matching set, though they're slightly different.

Then, the mammography that follows the biopsy. I dreaded it and there were more tears. I walked in, sad, and asked the technician to please be gentle. Attila the Hun denied me this request. I really thought there was nothing doing in the left breast, and there still might not be...we'll see next week when I get the results.
The doc said I definitely need surgery in the original site though- the lumpectomy, though she didn't necessarily say I should have radiation.

The good parts of the day- sitting in the waiting rooms from 9:14- 4:00 and commiserating with the other ladies. We had some good laughs, especially from women who declared that if they had to have mastectomies, they'd be fine with it- several even said they had their new boobs already picked out!
Another woman shared her story- she had a normal mammo, came back 14 months later for her next yearly and had stage 2 cancer, spread to the lymph. (Lesson here: don't delay! I guess it can grow that fast!)

I had no idea I'd be there so long today, I had just a fruit smoothie for breakfast (strawberry, banana, concord grapes, blueberries, YUM!). After the first few hours, I was in with the sweetest tech and told her I was hungry, the center only offered cookies and other crap. She actually gave me part of her own lunch- some delicious almonds. That was so generous and angelic. I was able to share them with another woman who is diabetic.

Well, that's my update. Thank you again for all your prayers and thoughts and vibes, your sweet supportive emails. I really feel like this is all going to be ok, just gotta get through all this crap first.

Oh yeah, still going strong strong strong with my diet. I haven't cheated at all, though today I wanted to eat a dozen donuts. Really. I was close to it. Made my own mayonnaise from scratch too and indulged in eggsalad. It was divine. I coudldn't even finish it. I've gotten my drastic weight loss to abate too. Good.


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