Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Biopsy #3 results are IN

The last biopsy came in as a benign lymph node. Thank god!! The doctor felt pretty certain it was a lymph node but went ahead and biopsied it anyway. By far, that has been the most uncomfortable- I'm terribly black and blue for a large portion of my breast but that's ok, it's going away a little every day.

This afternoon is my appointment with Ken Andes, acupuncturist extraordinaire. Tomorrow I'll meet with the potential new surgeon and the radiation oncologist whom I will attempt to convince to recommend either:
a) no radiation
b) the one-week intensive radiation (twice a day for 5 days)
c) much less than 6 weeks of radiation, in that order.

I will plead, beg, and offer baked goods in order to get him to see things my way, though I suspect I may not be so lucky.

And now your moment of zen:

I made this sign for my (old) friend Gerry who was competing in a duathalon. I was teaching in the city so I made it ahead of time and had it snuck onto the course. He did well, winning his age group (which was just listed as "old"). Though I have my suspicions he may have been the only guy in that age group because everyone else is most likely dead.
Congrats Gerry!


Anonymous said...

What a handsome and great guy.

Anonymous said...

And a good dancer, too. Congrats on another great accomplishment. And on not needing the paramedics.

Anonymous said...


I am so elated that you got such great news.

As for Gerry, he really did well. Great sign by the way!:D