Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday Friendship Ride

Wow, what can I say about today's ride. It was perfect. I haven't seen too many bike friends lately so I was so happy when so many people came out to ride. Today it was Gerry, Barbara, Rita, Gene, Shawn, Debbie, and Danielb. Luckily, it was warming up nicely by 10 when we set out from Piermont. I was comfortably dressed, didn't even need toe/hand warmers.
We rode about 15 miles together on relatively flat terrain and I loved every second of catching up with everyone. Gene hasn't ridden since early summer when he pulled a groin muscle (not bike related)- Rita said he wanted nothing to do with bike riding. So when he showed up, I started to cry, I was so touched. What sunshine he is. And Shawn and Debbie! I missed riding with them so much, I should harass them to come out in the cold more often. The rest of us were in jackets and gloves and tights- Shawn was wearing a two-piece bikini I think. Or shorts and a short-sleeve jersey if you want to split hairs, but it might as well have been a bikini. Debbie looked adorable in her new pink shorts that I want her to sell me- I'm offering double what she paid, how can she pass that up? (Ok, she got them from ebay for $0.99. I'm so jealous.)
Barbara overcame her non-riding inertia to hang out, I never noticed before that she wears lipstick to ride- very chic Barbara! Gerry, well, what can I say about Gerry. I tried desperately to not listen to whatever it was he was saying, but I think he managed to sneak a few words in here or there. He cracks me up. He offered to bring along his recent trophies, I told him I didn't realize they gave trophies for oldest competitor. Who knew.
Danielb is the real reason this ride happened- every Sunday I know he's gonna ride. Or he's going to ask me to ride. And that makes it easier for me to ride, except when it's cold. Or rainy. Or overly windy. Or if I feel fussy. Or sleepy, or cranky...wait, no, I'll ride cranky, but otherwise, I've been such a wuss lately. My plate's been pretty full, I should ride more to let go of stress. Yes, I think I'll try that. So thank you to Danielb for being so steady. As a token of my appreciation, I allowed you to win that last town-line sprint. Shhh, let's not speak of it. You're welcome.
And Rita. I am so happy she came out with her smile and her happiness and her absolutely never-ending love. And patience for my yapping. I can really yap a lot and she takes it all in no matter what.
Man, I am blessed to be surrounded by such amazing people. Really, really blessed.

Just me.

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rita said...

friendship is Good. (riding is good too :) )