Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Danielb's alien bike

Jeff Jones, that's the builder. I believe he's from planet Krypton because this bike looks like something from outer space. It's a titanium frame and that's pretty much all the details I'm going to attempt to provide because I'm sure to do a woefully inadequate job at getting anything right.

It was so cool to head over to Danielb's house and help him build this. Really, I did most of the work while he played with the most adorable progeny on earth. But I didn't mind, I especially enjoyed building the wheels, spoke by spoke. Ok, really my "helper" status has been nicely maintained just as it was growing up where I excelled at holding things til they dried, blocking the light, and snaking my arm through insulated walls to run cable wires.

This adorable tot Noah helped as much as me by repeatedly attempting to bang his hammer on Daddy's new toy.

There are so many cool aspects to this bike I can't even begin to appreciate them. I'm so looking to riding with Daniel and really seeing what this looks like in motion. We both took a test ride in the dark freezing night and wow, what a ride. I felt like I could do anything on it- it begs to jump and bounce over things. Which brings me to an interesting dichotomy- here's the beautiful, artful, perfect new bike screaming to be pushed, yet it's a beautiful new artful bike that if it were mine, I'd want to keep dry and warm hanging on the wall as I read it bedtime stories and adjusted the lighting to make her titanium gleam.

I had a really cool moment too appreciating the titanium and knowing that I had bits of this gorgeous metal in my body. Matchy matchy!

Anyway, congratulations Danielb on the newest addition to your stable. Thanks for letting me grease the screws and hop on- many many happy, safe, healthy miles!

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