Thursday, November 13, 2008

Oh, just some catchin' up

When you're nice to the nurse at your dermatologist's office, sometimes she'll hook you up with free samples. And when your nurse was scared about having breast cancer and you hugged her and stopped back in to check on her, she rewards you with a TON of samples, pictured here a mere sampling of my samples. Anyone need some lotion?!

So the other day, I had this perfect confluence of scheduling: I took the bus into Manhattan where I met a new friend, Chad, this crazy nut below.

He photographed the improv everywhere event I went to, and voila, a friendship is born. (Post edited to make Chad's comment look silly)

Then, I met up with Vanessa, a friend from high school I haven't seen since, well, high school, thanks Facebook! This is the best picture ever.
Vanessa and I sat and had a wonderful lunch of aduki beans and seaweed (well, her lunch was somewhat more wonderful I have to admit), and then we walked uptown where I met with another old friend I haven't seen in years. What a stunningly perfect day! I also managed not to get lost through a bus, two trains, and 50 blocks! (Thanks iTunes apps)

Just a pic I haven't uploaded 'til now, but this was the day I got the results from the surgeon. LiveStrong yellow. Though the news wasn't what I was hoping, it soon will be, so it's all good, right?

And last Saturday Melissa and I attempted to go to a church craft fair, but our efforts were thwarted.
So, uh, how exactly does one egress? Or ingress? It seems our national security problems are solved, simply apply 32 sized font signs to unlocked glass doors and it makes them impenetrable.

Melissa and I were confounded and sadly had to leave the church craft fair. Wonder who's feeding all the old ladies still inside...

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chad said...

though we do try to improve everywhere the name of the group is "improv everywhere"... you're not the first to make this mistake. you are forgiven. this one time.