Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day ride

I don't know why the hill profile seems to understate the magnitude of the hills we did on this ride- it's making the ride look hill-benign which it absolutely was not. Oh well. I can tell you we weaved all over Suffern in an effort to stay warm and make our short one-hour ride time count. Who am I kidding, I would've dragged Daniel up these hills even if we had all day. They just felt so good!
It was ridiculously windy (I think 35 mph gusts) which made the otherwise mild day get bitterly cold. No matter, I was so happy to squeeze in some ride time on Christmas Day before heading off to visit family.
Very little traffic on the nice back roads we took and not too much ice/slush on the roads. My mom's driveway- a completely different story. We had to saddle up on the road. It's nice though that Daniel and I have a standing (no pun intended) agreement that should one of us fall it's expected the other will laugh first, offer help second. That's friendship for you.

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