Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday Ride con senor Daniel

I was in the mood for hills, today didn't disappoint. I feel fresh, I feel happy, I feel like getting back in shape! I'm happy to say I've sufficiently hit on the formula for keeping warm, so the winter riding isn't as painful as it once was. Or maybe I've just gotten better gear, who knows.
We left from my house late in the afternoon, both of us dressed in so much black we looked like we were going to rob someone. If black is slimming then we were both two-dimensional. Actually, I am almost two dimensional, but that's another story.
We rode up Jacqueline to the Apple store, though I couldn't convince Daniel to buy me anything. Some friend.
Took a little meandering way back, then I graciously gave Daniel the option of going back the flat way or heading straight and hitting a hill. I said it was steep. He didn't care. So steep we went. Man, that hill felt good.
The ride was a little short but who cares, it got our blood pumping and fresh air in our lungs. Daniel's bike is ridiculously light. I think if I had a bike as light as his, I'd easily gain 2 mph. It's not fair, it's not fair!!
If anyone wants to buy me a Cervelo, let me know.

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