Monday, December 8, 2008

What I'm eating these days

This is one of my new favorites, super easy to make too.
Rinse a can of organic chick peas- I tried in vain to use the dried ones- I let them sit in water for like 2 days, they never softened enough. I also have tried the boiling method and well, they just don't taste good.

I like best to use fresh green beans too, but I'll use frozen when I have to. Never canned, they're just mush.

Put the chickpeas and the green beans in the pan at the same time, add about one tablespoon of toasted sesame oil and sautee. Yes, I sautee with toasted sesame oil. Maybe I'm not supposed to, maybe it's got too low a smoke temperature or something but call me crazy, I do it anyway and it comes out very nicely.

Go easy with the oil, it's easy to over do it. I don't like when it tastes especially oily or greasy on my lips. I add a little more as it's cooking and the beans are softening up, sometimes I put a splash of water too to help them along and keep the chick peas moist. (Gasp! Oil and water? Together in the same pan?!)

Just before I'm done I salt the dish, turn the heat up to super high and stop moving things around in the pan so everything can brown on the bottom. Let it sit on the high heat for about a minute.

Sometimes I sprinkle raw sesame seeds as a garnish, more often I add them to the pan while cooking- when they get some oil and brown up they're delicious.

Simple, vegan, delicious. Slightly nutty, very filling. And you can spell people's names with the beans while you're eating.

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rita said...

and if you put an olive on each finger to eat those bean-names, you can reach new heights in mealtime fun