Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Day ride 2009 pt. 2

Crazy, party of one.

Ah this bench. I've sat on this bench for so many thought-filled moments- when my sister learned her brain tumor had returned, when I was considering heart surgery again, when I've just needed a place to reflect. Today, it somehow didn't seem as inviting, can't quite put my finger on it...

I think this is my new favorite picture. Go prayer flags, go!!

So here's me, after my very short ride. It was 19 degrees to start and with the windchill it was below zero. I rode just out to the Piermont Pier and back, stopping along the way to hang the prayer flags and take pictures of the extraordinary day. As I was tying the flags, my fingers burned with cold and I thought, "This is what it must be like to die on Everest". And I thought of all those beautiful flags flying in the wind around Everest. I do so love all things Everest, Bear Grylls book, The Kid Who Climbed Everest" is one of my favorite books. But I digress...

Shawn and Joppa came out to say hello. Poor Daniel, got sick last night and is in no shape to ride. It was nice to see their smiling faces and get some really great hugs. In 2009 I vow to ride a ton more miles with both of them, two of my favorite people who I really just love. Thanks for coming out you guys, it meant so much to see you. We talked for a few minutes and I declared that today's ride was really going to be in ceremony, it's way too dangerous to actually ride roads- we got a bunch of snow yesterday and the black ice coupled with the massive wind gusts were just too daunting. I'm crazy, not stupid. But as such good friends, Shawn and Joppa offered to follow me in their van while I rode- that's bike friends for you- they understood my need to ride, not even one attempt to talk me out of it. I love that more than I can say. Wow, good people.

So, yeah, the ride itself was relatively uneventful, thank goodness. I rode very slowly and carefully- I didn't bother to put my bike shoes on, just my sneakers. I just took my time and tried not to get blown over. I think I did about 1.6 miles total. And that was enough.

2009, off to a good start! May we all have the wind at our backs.


Gerry said...

I'm so sorry I didn't fly up from Florida for this ride. I had to deal with a little de-hydration myself.

Jenni said...

Gerry, I told you if you came for this ride, I would've ridden in a bikini. I totally meant it too.

Ah, there's always next year.

Anonymous said...

Jenni - you are friggin hysterial AND a determined woman AND sooo inspirational AND a GREAT photograther AND Awesome. I finally got to check your blog today. I guess I am not going on your New Years Day ride - ha, ha.

But 2009 - I will be riding again. Just NOT in the cold and icy roads.

Love you - Maria!!