Thursday, July 19, 2007

Feeling the love

As the days wind down, I am feeling so much positive energy and so much love. Tonight I got to see many of my closest bike friends, (if I knew how to strikethrough I would)- many of my closest friends. I was so touched by everyone's genuine well-wishing.
It's a funny thing, this bike riding. I don't think I would have ever considered the impact it would have in nearly every aspect of my life. I certainly never would've considered that riding with people in a line down a road could build such friendships.
But it's what happens in that line on the road- sometimes it's just the silence of the workout- one friend pushing another friend. Sometimes it's what happens when the line stops- maybe someone's hurt, maybe someone's tired and you offer or receive support, maybe we're all just hungry and we eat together. So many fields are leveled, except the field of bike componentry of course!
So now I'm off to Iowa. You know, I only actually know one person- Coog. All the others that I plan to ride with are strangers from the internet. I have known of them all through, the place where I log my miles. I'm so looking forward to meeting the people who I know will become great friends.


hubby said...

That's my wife, folks!

I'm so happy for you that you have the opportunity to participate in this ride, and I'm really proud of all you have accomplished since getting into biking two years ago. And I agree, the cycling community is full of amazing people.

Now, where did I leave my bike, again?

Jenni said...

I know you're gonna be with it in Iowa this time next year! Ok, ok, I'll stop scaring you- maybe we can take a family vacation and you can do the day pass thing if you don't want to ride the whole thing. Or you can come out midweek- a bunch of people are doing that- they'll start riding on Wednesday.

Toga/Nyack Bike Racing said...

God, I can remember when you first picked up Baby. She was all spitfire glimmer and ready to roll. And so were you.

0 to 60. The only way people like you and me know how to do it. You betta represent down there and show them how a NY RBC chick rolls!

Gerry's already sweating the mileage! RAGBRAI this year, racing with me next year!

Eric J

David said...

Well this makes me really happy for a bunch of reasons (because you're going to have a great time, because you're a great friend, because I satarted the club and it's led to you doing RAGBRAI and Eric racing, etc.).

Now we'll have you and Coog to help motivate the rest of the club to do RAGBRAI, and I'll show up to do it next year.