Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My packing list

Well, the packing is just about complete. This is what I'm bringing:
sleeping bag
air mattress
bathing suit
air mattress pump
4 pairs of bike shorts
7 Johnson and Johnson baby washcloths
4 jerseys
4 pairs of shorts
mini flashlight
4 tshirts
3 pairs of socks/underware
bike gloves
bike sandals and pedals
"Jenni" license plate for my bike
bike shoes and pedals
seat post rack and bag
3 small battery powered fans
zip ties
7 packets of powdered electrolyte mix
2 water bottles
7 clif bars
a couple of magazines
7 pairs of contacts
beads to give away!
chamois but'r
velcro straps/tabs
laundry line
sunblock chapstick
tons of ziplock bags
face lotion
7 OralB Brushups
q-tips toothbrush/paste/deodorant
cortizone creme
RAGBRAI wristband/paperwork
rain jacket/pants
rain poncho
large pack towel
Omega 3/baby aspirin/advil
shower cap
flip flops
cash/credit cards/id
mp3 player
"J" post it pad sharpie/pens
batteries for camera/fans
stem bag
seat bag
tubes/tire levers
1 strand of battery-operated LED Christmas lights for Baby
2 bandanas

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