Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I need a new goal!

So I'm home now and I feel like I need a new goal. Maybe physical (run a marathon?!) maybe intellectual (get started on my doctorate?) maybe just professional (uh, get a job?).

How do you pick your goals? I guess I could start with what I know I DON'T want it to be. I'm done with long-distance cycling. Been there, done that. I don't particulary enjoy centuries and though I'm proud of RAGBRAI, I don't feel any need to up the mileage.

Some may say to start racing- I'm pretty competitive and I do love a good race- I especially like if I win, even in friendly settings. But I think racing would take me down an expensive road- new wheels, better gear, etc. I don't think I can support that.

I also know I don't want to choose a small, interim goal. I think big and I know I'm capable to do big things. So, what could it be? I know my next immediate goal is to finish up my 3000 mile year- it'll be nice to have that out of the way.

What are your goals?


Stephen said...

You already know my goals. After this week, I'm going to start to train for the Golden Apple 125er :D

Jenni said...

I've learned that to train for a mega ride you really need to work on getting your butt in the saddle. If you keep your heart rate down you can really ride forever- it's the mental stamina to just keep going. Oh, and take an Alleve every few hours too.

Bruce841 said...


I just loved your reporting and the pictures. Good on ya for doing the ride. What's next? Pick the ting that is hardest for you, mental/physical and go at it. Read 20 of the 100 best books? Swim a mile? As long as it takes work and stretches you, you'll grow.
Tailwinds to you regardless and thanks again for making me feel like we were along with you.


Toga/Nyack Bike Racing said...

Racing as far as equipment won't be as expensive as you think. But if you really want to fet excited about something let's go Multi Sport!

I almost abandoned my Tri quest but working with Jeanette has really turned me around. I now have a seriously healthy respect for the individuals who accomplish even Sprint Tri's.

The training is great as there's variety and you learn loads. WE GOTTA TALK! AND YOU GOTTA COME SEE US ALL COMPETE UP AT WESTPOINT!

Eric J

Jenni said...

I definitely will Eric- gotta get my calendar out and put some Toga events in.

DBB said...

New Goal: Become the next Pansy Palmetto.

Jenni said...

Where ever will I find all the glitter?