Saturday, November 24, 2007

Break into MY grandmother's house?!!

Last night, my 94 year old grandmother was awakened to the sound of a 23 year old PUNK breaking into her house to rob her. She heard him breaking the door off its frame (out of its frame?)and got out of bed (it was around midnight) and started screaming. Suffering with dementia, I am so grateful she had the cognizance to call 911 as my sleeping uncle who happened to be staying over that night, came out and attacked the guy.
He fought with this piece of shit until the police arrived, suffering some slight injuries as they tumbled out the back door and down 5 concrete steps. The police showed up within a minute- apparently this guy had just broken into several other houses on the street and had left himself tidy bundles at the end of people's driveways so he could collect them later that night.
Thankfully, my cousin Ronnie is the police sergeant at the station that responded to the 911 call. That's gotta feel good for him- I hope he treated this "suspect" nicely when he showed up to be processed.
So the guy will be arraigned this Monday- he was out on probation so hopefully he won't be released on bail. Nice.

The men-folk of the family have already descended and fixed the house (though it will never be fixed enough for me to feel comfortable that she's safe!) and I'll go down soon to check in too.

Thanks to the dementia, Grandma didn't remember any of this when she woke up this morning.
In the 60 years Grandma has lived in her house in Bayside, Queens this is the first time anything like this has happened.
My adrenaline is pumping.


Anonymous said...

Oh, good heavens! I'm grateful Grandma is okay, and grateful your uncle isn't hurt badly. What a horror. I wih all his victims could mete out justice to that punk junkie shithead.

Doctorslime said...

Please post the sentence this Creep gets, I'll bet its not harsh enough, scum like that, need to be shot while resisting arrest.

Did you hear about the texan, so upon observing his neighbor being robbed called 911, and when they didn't arrive in time he went out side with his shotgun. Google it! We need more people standing up for their rights, it puts fear back into the criminals plans!

Jenni said...

Will do- I plan to make some inquiries this weekend when I go to visit Grandma.