Sunday, November 25, 2007

Today's ride

Gerry's going to Florida to soak in the warmth, while the rest of us waste away in the freezing cold...well, whenever the freezing cold gets here. So he posted one last ride which brought out the best of us riff raff.
We posted the ride to leave at 11. By 11:07 just as we were about to roll out, a late rider pulled up. He wasn't dressed and didn't seem in any particular hurry to get out of the parking lot. I gave a call over to him that we wanted to go, he shot back something like, "I know where you're going, go ahead and leave." So, 8 of us left to ride to Englewood. Gerry started out in the front, but soon it was me leading. Knowing there's a ride leader in front and back lets the group split a little more- the riders are all covered by someone watching them, so it's ok. I don't think at any point we were more than a mile apart.
Anyway, got to Englewood and then out of a different direction pulls the late rider. I said, "Where's you come from?" to which he replied, "What do you care?". What's his deal?! I heard later that he gave Gerry the finger and yelled at Debbie.
Anyway, I'm not going to go into all the stuff from the ride, suffice it to say that if you're grouchy, stay home.
We finished up, and ate some delicious brownies that Debbie baked- she's amazing like that!!! I enjoyed every bite!
Even though I was a little chilly, I always love riding. I feel so good when I'm finished, and I almost always LOVE the people I ride with- it was such a pleasure to see everyone.
Now I'm sleepy. And it's only 6 pm. Need to drink more water. Hopefully nice weather will hold out and I'll get a bunch more miles in for the year. If it gets too much colder though I'll have to hang up my sandals for the winter.


gerry said...

nice pic of you and Gray.

Jenni said...

Thank you- I love it when he sits with me. Ah I know these days are too few...