Friday, November 9, 2007

Not allowed to walk out and roaches

So today when I got to work I was told that the union says non-tenured teachers should not stand in solidarity with the others to walk in together. We've been meeting every morning at 7:20 and walking in together, some union reps holding signs about us having no contract.
I totally see the reason for being told not to participate, but it was a really sad, weird feeling leaving my fellow teachers standing out in the cold while I walked in the front door of the building. It just felt wrong.
In any case, as my reward, I got to my classroom to find a roach crawling across my desk. I know, I know, I'm a science teacher, roaches shouldn't freak me out. I can handle mice, snakes, tarantulas (I was an official tarantula handler in Georgia- crazy, huh?) and lots of other creepy things. But roaches, no. Growing up in Kew Gardens, Queens, on more than one occasion I would wake up with roaches crawling on me. We lived in a huge apartment building, and no matter how many times we had the place "bombed", we still always had roaches. I remember turning the light on in the kitchen and seeing them scatter. I remember their carcasses in the cabinets. I remember going to bathroom and pulling some toilet paper and around would come a roach, as if on some carnival ride. Once my sister went to play her recorder and there was a roach in the mouthpiece. Disgusting. So, I'm averse to roaches.
Since I've been in this classroom, I've seen probably 20 roaches, no matter how many times the room is treated. A few weeks ago, one was on my hand EEEWWW. Well today one was on my desk, and then I turned around and one very large one was on my overhead screen. Circle circle dot dot, now I have the cootie shot.
I should just retitle this the roach rant. I hate roaches.

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David said...

Yeah, but how do you feel about roaches?