Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Teachers working without a contract

All the teachers in the South Orangetown Central School District are currently working without a contract. I won't pretend to know the issues that are at stake, (non-tenured teachers are encouraged to keep a good distance from the issues for obvious reasons) but I do know it's not right to be working without a contract. The union says the district has been completely uncompromising in negotiations and we are formally at an impasse and will be going to mediation.
There is a BOE meeting on November 14th. If you support the teachers in this district, you're strongly urged to attend. I'm not necessarily fighting for myself or my own interests- my job there is temporary. But, teachers need to be protected and taken care of- this district is really phenominal. I would so hate to see a lengthy contract dispute splinter the district.
So, there you go.
Tomorrow, picketing starts. Teachers will be meeting outside the school in a show of solidarity and walking in, en masse. I hope this contract is worked out soon- it seems already that it's getting sneaky and could get ugly.
If you know anything about the issues, either side, please post. I'm interested to hear what's out there, opinion and all. This is my first time in a union, and first time in a contract dispute. It's interesting.

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