Tuesday, November 6, 2007

So important to vote!

Election Day!! I'm excited it's election day! Matt and I just got back from voting- we brought Gray to the polls with us- I let him help me push some of the buttons. I'm not necessarily so pleased with the candidates I chose, or the ballot options that were being considered, I just really really like to vote. There's something very empowering about it. I know the system is flawed, I realize there's probably no actual record of what I just did, blah blah. It's still just a cool thing to do. And I love that this isn't Gray's first time in the voting booth.
As a child I don't ever recall being taken to a polling station. Once or twice I remember my parents saying they voted, but it wasn't something instilled in me.
And the first time I ever actually voted was for president the last time Bush ran- that was really magical. I took the day off work to vote early in Georgia. They were predicting record turn outs, and I wanted to make sure my vote was in. So, I called in sick and then stood in line for over 6 hours. In all that time I became close with the voters in line around me- we chatted and chatted and chatted...and waited, and chatted. It was fun and felt very grown-up.
Anyway, I hope you got out and voted today. Even if I don't actually affect change, I feel in some way I got counted. Maybe.

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