Friday, December 7, 2007

It's enough already

I want to be tech savy. I think I'm doing pretty well. Hey, I even have a blog. But it's enough already with all these email accounts, chat software, rss feed readers, etc.
I want one master email account that 1) I don't have to pay for 2) that funnels all my emails into so I don't have to attempt to get my years-old contacts to update to yet another new address and 3) that gives me a homepage where I can see who's online, chat with using the SAME chat service, and all the other customizable homepage type stuff.
I have a yahoo account. I like it because it's linked to Flickr. I like being emailed when someone posts to my pictures, but I got it more because I had to in order to sign up for the Toga group site thing. I actually can't stand it because I will literally have several hundred emails at a time. I signed up for the "digest" but I don't actually read that either and I can't figure out how to un-sign-up.

I have two hotmail accounts. I like it because I'm accustomed to its layout, though I don't love their newest version. Most of my friends use this account, and I like its messenger service. I also keep one account as a junk email for all those annoying sites you have to give an email address to, etc.

I have a gmail account. I like it because, well, I'm not so sure. I think I have the most room for growth with it. I like the customizable homepage, but can't stand the the theme only applies to the top banner- why does the rest of the page have to be stark white? I also like gmail because it links to my blog. I don't however like that I have to continually sign in because my husband also has a gmail account, so I can't check the box that leaves me signed in 24/7. It's enough with the passwords already!

I have MSN Messenger installed because I have two friends who use that to chat. I have Yahoo Messenger installed because I have one friend who uses that. I have a chat capability in Gmail to chat, but never use it because no one elses uses it.

My friend Arif attempted to hook me up by trying to funnel things to Outlook, but it never actually worked and required a pay-version of hotmail I think (??). He swears by it and by being able to read his email when he's offline. Not really something I need, but still, maybe there's something there?

I know at least two techno, no THREE techno nerds read this. Hook me up. And David, if you're going to talk Mac, you should make it really really compelling. (I'm listening...)


David said...

Well I'm slightly too tired right now to be able to give an impassioned argument for using a Mac other than "Macs are great if you don't want to use a computer that sucks a monkey's balls." You can have more for me when I'm not exhausted.

However, if you were on AIM for chat (either through an AIM client, or google's interface, doesn't really matter) you could chat also with Foster, Me, Abby, Sheryl and Coog. Cause we all use AIM.

If you were on a Mac, you could do nifty video chats with people around the world completely free. (You could do it too with skype on the PC, though that's not as slick as doing it with a built-in camera in your laptop and having that built right into the AIM client.

Personally I don't like to use a web-based interface for my email, I'd rather use a mail client (mine's Mail, part of OS X). With Google, btw, you can check your mail either via the web interface or via a client, if you set it up right.

Jenni said...

So let me get this straight. In order to solve my problem of too many chat softwares, I should download another one?

::you've totally been baited, I'll await your stinging retort::