Thursday, January 31, 2008

I want to do RAGBRAI again

I distinctly remember finishing up RAGBRAI and thinking, "That was really cool but I don't want to do this again any time soon." Well I was just was looking at some of my pictures, namely the one at the top of this blog, and I swear I have the feeling to go again. What?! Maybe it's just that I'm anxious for time off where I can ride a lot. Maybe I'm just anxious for spring. Or maybe I know RAG would be even more fun with more friends and slightly better planning (though not much, I have to say last year went off very VERY smoothly.)
I got the email a short while ago from the chater company I went with- they're gearing up and taking names already. I'm so tempted to buy in just in case I change my mind- I know they always have people who are wait-listed so selling my spot/bracelet won't be a problem.
I'm crazy, right?
Maybe if we could all just commit to a friggen date for Sonoma already I wouldn't have to think these crazy thoughts. Wine country/beautiful hotels vs. 15000+ sweaty riders and overboiled mushy spaghetti and porta potties. Come on people, commit! Sonoma, sonoma!


David said...

Yeah, so the shortened form of RAGBRAI can't be RAG, that's just means Register's Annual Greater. That's silly.

You gotta go with 'BRAI

Jenni said...

So I'll take that as a, "Ok Jenni, let's go to Sonoma the second week in July."

David said...

The organized sonoma trip's not going to happen (by july the deposit would be swallowed by the hotel) because everyone is busy. I'm going to allocate that back to the business, I think.

But in July I might be persuaded to go to sonoma.

gerry said...

The Healdsburg Harvest Century is July 19th. Probably be very busy at that time of year.