Monday, January 7, 2008

New Feature- My Ridebrary

I've decided to make a new feature and archive my rides, complete with turn sheets and elevation profiles...I'm calling it my ride-brary. (Get it, ride+library=ridebrary?)
So here's today's ride. I wanted to do some hill work- I feel like it's my new direction. I am guessing I'll progress more by working on hills rather than just accumulating endless flat miles. Plus it's always nice to smoke people on hills- that's when I feel the strongest. So hills it was. I didn't have much time, but fortunately there's lotsa big hills around me. I'm using to do this, though admittedly there are better sites.

This was just a short and quick ride- I averaged 12.4 mph and it took me just about 30 minutes. Next time I'll give it more effort and/or do repeats. Happy riding!

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